What I have to offer you is my passion for amazing food, wine and photography. I am an expert food stylist, photographer, writer, taste-tester and recipe-tester. I put all these gifts into my blender and came up with The Sassy Gourmet!

-Amanda Richardson

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the Dinner party collection is available once per month and includes:

  • Printable Menus

  • Decor suggestions

  • Minimum of 4 seasonal recipes

  • Evening Prep - How to prepare the party so you are not tied to the kitchen!

  • Grocery List

  • Wine Pairing Suggestions

the Custom click collection


I bring a diverse background of cooking, writing, traveling, and beyond into my photography work. My goal is to create authentic imagery by capturing your brand.

Bringing together all the lessons from my business experiences, I have created a unique place where everyone will benefit from my expertise and passions.




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