Bringing together all the lessons from my business experiences, I have created a unique place where businesses will benefit from my expertise and passions while we give back to our community along the way.


What I have to offer you is my passion for amazing food, wine and helping others. I am an expert food stylist photographer, writer, taste-tester and recipe-tester. I put all these gifts into my blender and came up with The Sassy Gourmet!

“Happiness is an inside job” -William Arthur Ward

“Happiness is an inside job” -William Arthur Ward

I have a long history with food. Right from the start I adored watching my Great Aunt take over the kitchen and prepare meals with such care and consideration, it stirred an early passion for flavorful recipes. Originally I envisioned being more of a food blogger again, but the more I researched, meditated, talked and thought through it, my mind kept coming back to the content and marketing piece. Social media is a huge aspect of how we conduct business on a day to day basis and there are days you are stuck in the house or office, your staff is slammed and haven’t thought to pull out their phones to grab that perfect shot of your regular customers or today’s special and lets face it no one cares about your business like you do. So what do you post about or have to schedule?

It was really something I was struggling with while trying to put together this website and promote myself, then I realized that all the groups I was a part of and all the restaurant owners I talked to struggled with time and more specifically time for marketing their business. Once I really figured out how that piece of the puzzle fit in, I became incredibly energized and inspired.

From time to time you will see some of my personal recipes and for good reason. I still create killer dishes, and have a cookbook coming out September of 2019 that will knock your socks off! But after I had my catering and retail business I remembered being so burnt out from cooking that I was ordering pizzas for my kids half the time and not enjoying what I once loved so much. I needed balance. Not only did I find that balance, but I found purpose within it, doesn’t get better than that!

By the way, I am not shy about telling you I was not formally trained in culinary school.  However, I feel like that gives me an edge over those who have that kind of perspective. Why? Because I am just your average girl who happened to make food her life's’ work. Now, all things being equal, I am not reviewing fast food or chain restaurants, I do like things on the finer side, but my goal is to learn as much as I can about everything and everyone that I meet along the way and share it while making someone’s else’s business just a little bit easier to manage.

I want to get to know as many of you as I can. I will be traveling to different parts of the world as time goes by. It is fair to say, I am incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity and excited to share this journey and my many adventures!

~Amanda,The Sassy Gourmet


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