The Sassy iPhoto Workshop

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During this workshop we teach you and your staff about lighting, angles, branding your images and more. This interactive course will help you enhance your online presence. Although phone photos don’t replace professional photography, you can improve your online appearance with these simple techniques.

This is a live, in-person workshop, not online. You and your staff are able to actively practice and apply everything taught.

*Workbooks & Cheatsheet poster included!
One Workshop per location - Discounts Available

Lesson Plan:

  • Making a photo plan on the fly

  • Lighting

  • Angles

  • Backgrounds

  • Editing on your phone

  • The importance of cropping

  • Over editing

  • Using filters

  • Should you use black and white photos

  • Enhancing your company brand

$950/All Staff Members

Ongoing Dates Available*
Serving All of
North and South Carolina

NEW! Chicago, IL
April 29 - May3

*List of all specific dates available when you click BOOK NOW.

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